BAAS Bateriový Tester 12V - Voděodolný s 1,2m Kabelem BA22


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BAAS Bateriový Tester 12V - Voděodolný s 1,2m Kabelem BA22

Pro univerzální montáž , Například na řidítka

* Delka kabelu 120cm


Made in Germany


Bikes and seasonal vehicles are not driven regularly ans therefore
always struggling with the problem of discharged starter battery.

The tester only works by pressure switch to get actually battery
charge level, also when the ignition is off. This means no permanent
electricity consumed.

The following 5 charge levels be displayed by the microprocessor via
2 LED´s

- continuously green well charged

- flashing green still enough loaded

- red/green now slowly loading or drive

- flashing red urgently loading, already start problems

- continuously red necessarily loading, sulfated battery

The product (Made in Germany) is universally mounted on the
handlebar or tube pole with cable ties.



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